Heirloom Enamel Jug
Heirloom Enamel Jug

Heirloom Enamel Jug

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These enamel jugs are a perfect addition to your kitchen collection. They are great for small capacity cooking, such as heating milk for tea and coffee, boiling water for a small serving of an infusion or decoction, and for blending in powdered herbs to milk, butter or honey. 

The tradition of porcelain enamelware in Austria dates back 3,500 years, and it is the greenest form of cooking today. 

  • CO2 Neutral Manufacturing
  • Made for all cooktops
  • Naturally antibacterial and non-porous
  • All natural components mean no toxins leaching into your food 
  • Durable to last a lifetime
  • Easy to clean, recommend to simply hand wash but also dishwasher safe
  • Made in Austria
  • .75 L