Waste Free Holiday Gifts

"If you want to be happy the rest of your life... look after your garden"

The holiday season is sometimes called the 'most wasteful time of year', and with good reason. With an unacceptable amount of waste generated from a throwaway culture and non biodegradable products and packaging, this year please consider giving a gift that is doesn't end up in a landfill forever.

The most meaningful gifts are often experiences. Spending quality time together is likely the most important way to show someone your relationship is important, and the memories will last far longer than a throwaway gift. This especially holds true for children! Great experience gifts to give include:

  • Tickets or even a membership to a local botanical garden
  • A day hiking in nature with a picnic lunch
  • Ice skating and drinking hot chocolate 
  • Strolling the neighborhood and looking at Christmas lights
  • Tickets to museums of interest 
  • Make them a beautiful arrangement of flowers from your garden or the farmers market
  • Lessons or classes, including dance, art, martial arts, music, etc. 
  • Tickets to a local ballet, symphony, opera, etc. 
  • Self care treatments at a spa like facials, massages, manicures, etc. 

And our favorite:

  • Plant a garden together that can be tended for years to come
    Present the gift as a basket or planter with seeds and small plants, some gardening tools, and perhaps a book on gardening in your region. Great plants to include are organic vegetable plantings, native plants, wildflowers and fruit bearing trees. If they already have an established garden, consider a garden statue (especially vintage ones!), a hammock for lounging in, or bulbs for spring. Even with a tiny yard or no yard at all, small window boxes and planters to go by the front porch can be a lovely project. 

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